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In Defense of Food
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In Defense of Food
An Eater's Manifesto

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Anonymous picture

my son gained 30lbs in a year to.. crazy what they are putting in these foods :(

kanopy33 avatar

Eating animals entails tremendous pain and suffering upon the animals. Odd that this documentary steers clear of the ethical implication of doing so, all under the guise of tradition and culture. Is this documentary sponsored by the profit-hungry food industries???

Anonymous picture

Not everyone struggles with the same ethical implications. If you look at indigenous peoples from all over the world many of them rely on animal products. This is simply shining light on our ancestry. Never did it say in this documentary that eating meat is necessary. In fact, the documentary ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The information regarding gluten was interesting because it points so much to how history repeats itself. Our culture continues to pick various nutrients that are consider based off the latest findings and things continue changing overtime.

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