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Digging for Fire
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Digging for Fire

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At the end of the movie, I realized the significance of the title: in marriage/relationships, it is very easy to take things for granted or believe the grass is greener, to yearn for something, anything other than what you have ... because you feel as if you are losing/have lost yourself. So ...Read more

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I found that all of the things that happened to the main characters had happened to me .. except the dead body. V identifiable. it's well acted, and very well shot, the dialogue was spot on as well.

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Interesting, good acting, a lot of believable identity conflicts. Ultimately as subversive-seeming yet ending in traditional couple/family rah-rah as any Simpsons episode. But held me all the way through and fun for the upscale California dreaming aspect.

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I suspect this movie will be lost on the very young. I found it a funny, charming and poignant reminder to stay open to the experiences we want to have, then go have them with the people we love, rather than simply lamenting that we don't have them any more.

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Great cast, very enjoyable. I love Joe Swanberg's movies and this didn't disappoint. I recommend it!

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A quiet, conversational gem

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Not good

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...but not bad. Actually, quite enjoyable. The acting ensemble does their work with verve. Some great scenes. Directed with panache by Joe Swanberg, who also did "Drinking Buddies," which I highly recommend.

Anonymous picture

so bad couldnt watch more then five minutes and wasted a credit

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Stellar ensemble--I mean some real big names in the supporting cast and they've all got chemistry too. You can feel the love of process that Swanberg and Johnson must've brought to set.

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