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Donnie Darko
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Donnie Darko

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Anonymous picture

To really understand this movie google Donnie Darko Tangent Universe the website .org uk explains very well.

Janice avatar

Engaging enough. What surprised me was the all-star cast. Familiar faces popped up throughout the film. And one great song.

Anonymous picture

An okay film.. Fairly straight forward in the point or idea it is trying to get across. This direct approach towards trying to prove it ultimately is what hurts the film the most never allowing it provoke real thoughts or questions about the topic it focuses on.

Anonymous picture

Dislike it

Anonymous picture

One of my all-time favorite movies!

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I COMPLETELY DISAGREE. This movie is what happens when you take BUSINESS PEOPLE and ARTISTIC PEOPLE put them in the same room with no plan, just ideas. What's the fr*cking point of this movie? I asked myself that question at least forty times while it was playing and I was cleaning my bow. I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Love this movie. Such a cult classic.

Zane avatar

I absolutely love the enigmatic nature of Donnie Darko. It makes his character and story so interesting and compelling.

Ariel avatar

Admittedly, I was a late bloomer to watching Donnie Darko. A twisted tale of causality and fate, I loved two things most about this cult classic: Jake Gyllenhaal's superb acting (the mental derailment of his character is magnificently portrayed) and the movie theater scene - the ominous music ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Frustrating, as it could be an excellent movie if it focused on fate more and spent less time telling the audience how to feel. Still entertaining, just sad to see a movie unexpectedly raise interesting questions while not bothering to explore them, and instead waste time treading water ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is how I felt watching!

Anonymous picture

Donnie Darko Is my favorite and one of the best films ever.

Anonymous picture

I liked it so much, I'd rewatch it if Kanopy got the Director's cut.

Anonymous picture

Donnie Darko is one of the most outrageous movies I've ever seen.

Anonymous picture

I don't get why so many people think this movie is so deep and powerful. I did not find in particularly thought-provoking or compelling, just weird in a superficial, self-absorbed manner. Makes gestures towards its 80s setting by including a couple of political references and some ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The film isn't meant to provoke the 80s. It's about Donnie learning to see the beauty in the world (Gretchen) so that he can overcome his fear of dying alone, thereby empowering him to accept his death by the plane engine.

Anonymous picture

Hmm...that just seems silly....the universe doesn't usually care if you "accept" your death (regardless of means) or not. You get what you get. As far as the 80s go... I guess I agree with you that the film did not seem to make (much) effort to evoke the period, but then the question is why ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Now I want to start a bluegrass/metal fusion band and call it "Sparkle Motion".

Anonymous picture

A very nice story about life and chickens.

Anonymous picture

Great film and wonderful performances by actors in the early part of their careers. Would like to see the directors cut.

Anonymous picture

I could not get into this movie, I am finding hard to find good movies, most of them I have never heard of.

Anonymous picture

A really bad movie. Very self involved and fake deep. Really bad visual graphics. And a lot of useless plot points that try to loosely fit together.

Anonymous picture

Would have preferred the Director's cut, seeing as how that is my favorite movie. This version is still good, but feels like it's lacking somewhat

Anonymous picture

IMO the theatrical cut is far superior

Anonymous picture

What a twisted , beautiful film. Highly recommended

Rosa avatar

However small James Duval's role is in this film, he nevertheless imbues the project with a lasting sense of nineties apocalyptic cinema - this is a must-watch.

Tom avatar

I am so excited to see this film on Kanopy! Such a cult classic from when I was growing up... in time for Halloween too!