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How to Die in Oregon
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How to Die in Oregon

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Well worth the time. Well done. Thank you.

Anonymous picture

Thank you to all those who fight to give people a good death, no matter what choices they make.

Anonymous picture

Talk to your loved ones. Let them know you care. Make decisions about how you want to die, tell people, and put it in writing. I've had an amazing life and death is a natural part of it. The only separation between myself and the eternal is the one which I create.

Anonymous picture

Cried like a baby at the end but this documentary is one of the most moving ones I've ever watched.

Anonymous picture

I remember receiving an HBO free trial in the summer of 2010. The first thing that came on was this documentary and I glad that it did. The film and its characters stuck with me till this day.

Lauren avatar

This film is very relevant in light of the bill that Governor Jerry Brown signed in California yesterday, giving terminally ill people the right to medically assisted death.

"How to Die in Oregon" delves into this controversial issue by examining it's implementation in Oregon over the ...Read more