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It's All So Quiet
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It's All So Quiet
Boven is het stil

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Time to get Internet and cable tv.....

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For me, this was a very poignant film. Perhaps because I was a caretaker for five years of my husband of 44 years. The"glacial pace" is all too true.

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While I enjoy foreign films for ALL the ways that they're so different from Hollywood's output; this film moved at such a glacial pace, with the barest minimum of dialog, that even I was hard pressed to stay with it to the end. But I DID watch it until the end, so maybe that says something ...Read more

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Hi John, this movie was made in Flanders (where I am from). This a very flat, cold, often grey country between North of France, Belgium and Holland. Indeed, the culture there might feel dark, slow and simple, but people there are considered of the kindest and warmest. This movie translates it ...Read more

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Thank you for your insight, Marc! I wondered if that might be the case and am glad to have had this glimpse into a cultural pace far different from the one I'm used to experiencing.