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The Last Movie
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The Last Movie

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Call me crazy but I enjoyed it. Sure, it wasn't even close to being as good as Easy Rider, but I thought it had some sparks of genius. I just wish Dennis hadn't been on so many drugs because it could have been great.

Anonymous picture

Racism in drag as surrealism. Awful and increasingly offensive as the stupid plot eventually kicks in after a languidly nutty first half hour. Hopper, who directed this mess, would have us believe "simple" Latinos can't discern between real violence and fake movie violence. And that's the ...Read more

Avis avatar

the first half of "the last movie" is like a weird, chaotic dream with a lot of great songs sung by kris kristofferson and you don't really think that there is going to be a linear plot but the second half tells a story that ties the whole movie together.

Anonymous picture

Not a huge fan of the white hippy thing bunch of filthy cultural appropriators. The film is okay. There might be something there for you. Great location.

Anonymous picture

I've been waiting nearly 50 years to see this picture. I don't care what any of you say, I'm going to enjoy this.

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Anonymous picture

Tedious movie; location was gorgeous.

Anonymous picture

Ridiculous movie. The gun battle at the beginning was a collection of all the biggest shootout cliches ever made. Oh, and did I mention the terrible acting, and awful lighting setups?

Anonymous picture

This is one of those movies that could have been brilliant. Beautifully shot, some great performances. However, everyone seemed too drunk or stoned to put it together.

Anonymous picture

Terrible. A waste of time. It didn't get better with age. Although Dennis Hopper is adorable.