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The Lovers
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The Lovers

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture
Michael M

So what is this movie about? I kept getting distracted, and then I fell asleep, not sure why...

Anonymous picture

i love this movie

Anonymous picture
Mary Ann

So bad - hard to watch

Anonymous picture

whatever it takes man

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Now that A24 has made all the greatest films of the year I'm just gonna say one thing. POETRY. CINEMATOGRAPHY.

Anonymous picture

I did not like this movie at all. Everything sounds so artificial. I only watched it for Debra Winger whom I had not seen in ages in a film.

Anonymous picture

Strange film. Some funny moments. I would have loved to have seen this talented cast have a little more nuanced dialogue and meaningful conversations with even more humor and insight...they appear to be thoughtful amidst their puzzling choices. The continuation of dreary jobs in a life not ...Read more