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Loving Vincent
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Loving Vincent

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Comments (64)

Anonymous picture

What an incredible amount of work went into this film. Stunningly beautiful and interesting story line.

Anonymous picture

i just have to quibble about one part. Everyone is of the notion that Vincent cut off his ear and sent it to his girlfriend. Actually, he and Theo had had an argument and Vincent cut off his ear to spite his brother. This was such a gorgeous and intriguing film. I've wanted to see it for ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Creative, original, compelling. Well done.

Anonymous picture

Such a beautiful and original style of animation, made out of oil painting on canvas with more than 100 artists on the team to make this happen! Very impressive amount of artistic talent with all the hard work paying off! If anyone is looking for different animated movies that are not Disney ...Read more

Mei Mei avatar
Mei Mei

Very pretty, someone called this a bit schmaltzy, lol, I can see. I liked the literary quality of the movie. After watching this I had to go and make a journal entry to bleed some words because I was feeling so wordsy

Anonymous picture

A fascinating film, in style and story, combining biopic with murder mystery with beautiful animation. I simply cannot express how exquisite this was.

Anonymous picture

He just wanted to be good at something. It may be a bit weird to see myself in him, maybe not as an artist but someone who's trying to find their place in this world. Despite his tragic ending, he actually lived, and he didn't even know what kind of impact he made.

Anonymous picture

Magnificent! Watch Van Gogh’s paintings come to life while hearing the bittersweet story of his tragic genius.

Anonymous picture

beautifully told story

Anne avatar

I cried from the moment the film started and am still crying - it was as if Vincent was able to tell us his story himself through his art. Bravo

Doug avatar

I liked it, the style of the painting took us into the world of Van Gogh. I think the film makers did a fine job by weaving a story from the subjects in Van Gogh's paintings. This isn't the best film I have ever seen but as a fan of Van Gogh's art I have a new perspective of his life and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Amazing film

Anonymous picture

What a beautiful painted film. Wonderful remeberance of Vincent Van Gogh. Pleasing on the eye and gentle on the listening ear.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful. I'm inspired by his art, and I enjoyed this artistic presentation of his life in his artistic style.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful film to look at. The think the painted film style carried the passion of van Gogh justly.
Interesting story about van Gogh.

Anonymous picture

Don't think I'll finish this so I'm sad I used one of my view-counts. The technique is impressive as fact but not as experience. Instead of bringing a loose painterly quality to the animation it merely distracts like a textured filter. It's clearly rotoscoped (which is totally understandable, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lovely, beautiful film.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful movie an absolute gem.

Anonymous picture

Gorgeous-looking,well-acted animated film that while didn't solve the mystery of Van Gogh's death;makes you think twice about it.

Anonymous picture

If you enjoyed this, I highly suggest "At Eternities Gate" -- told from many different perspectives; and goes more into detail about his death.

Rakim avatar

this flick straight heat bruh. I don't even rock with Vincent like that simply cause I find art curators and tastemakers' opinions useless but shoutout to all my struggling artist out there.

Anonymous picture

614 represent!

Anonymous picture

shout out you

Anonymous picture

Innovative production concept, but the schmalz factor was too much for me.

Anonymous picture

Have seen much of Van Gogh's work for 60+ years and have read his published letters (titled Dear Theo) twice. Highly recommend his museum in Amsterdam. The movie is quite wonderful! But, difficult to compute it too 100+ artists and a corporate budget to deal with what Vincent (with the ...Read more

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Never knew much about this topic before going into it. After it, I know a lot and it's VERY Good. I'm trying to think about what I would say to describe it. Sometimes, art doens't need that.

Anonymous picture

Fantastic, evocative and surprising. Highly recommended.

Anonymous picture

Also see Richard Linklater's 2001 lucid dream called "Waking Life." And if you're interested in the breakout process of creating animation overlaid on a video foundation, here's a two-minute introduction… Read more

Anonymous picture

A process called rotoscoping invented in 1915, See Fleischer's "Gulliver's Travels" here on Kanopy for an earlyish example by the inventor of the process.

Anonymous picture

To view this film is a sensual and emotion experience like none other.

Anonymous picture

The story is presented as an attempt to solve the mystery of a great artist's death. It's compelling and absorbing though the script is a bit overdone. Visually it is stunning and the manner is which each frame of the film is wrought is brilliant, right down to the closing credits.

Anonymous picture

Touching story!

Anonymous picture

Magnificent art work!!!

Anonymous picture

Every frame in this movie is a work of art - literally. The paintings are incredible, bursting with color, texture, and rarely standing still. There are scenes and images in this movie that would be considered beautiful if they were shot with a regular camera. The fact that they're all ...Read more

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

Why did I wait so long to view this film? Because the more I learn about Vincent van Gogh, the more my heart breaks for him. This film, with its homage to van Gogh's artistic style weaves an unexpectedly engrossing tale. It is a tribute to a brilliant artist's tragically short life and as ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Glorious and inspiring in content, form and spirit. It's so infrequent in film to find humble creativity in service to humanity, compassion, and the arts - nevermind such a masterful use of technology to elevate an art form by transcending previously assumed limitations of what is possible. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

so great! The book Letters To Theo is simply amazing.. like a bible for an artist. This was done very well to portray how his death happened with really cool animation.

Marcia avatar

interesting execution is no substitute for a good plot

Anonymous picture

Hannah Gadsby was talking about Pablo Picasso in her "epic takedown," not Vincent van Gogh.

Anonymous picture

I tried watching it but after watching Hannah Gadsby's epic takedown of Van Gogh in Nanette, it's hard to watch anything about him, knowing what he is.

Anonymous picture

I have not seen Hannah Gadsby's "epic takedown," but your reply promoted me to look for it. My brief search proves nothing, but I could not find anything negative she said, as reported on the site that I read, about Van Gogh himself, just remarks on the improper mythologizing of mental ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Just have to jump in and say...Gadsby's epic takedown was actually of Picasso, not Van Gogh. She had more issue with how OTHERS interpret Van Gogh's genius and mental health.

Anonymous picture

It's on Netflix, Stephen. And it's a great takedown. It's made for everyone but especially men who believe in separating the art from the artist.

Anonymous picture

A lovely ,sensitive film of an unusual, misunderstood person.

Jocelyn  avatar

Such an innovative and visually stunning piece of film. Beautifully Surreal.

Anonymous picture

Truly, a Labor of Love. Touching.

Anonymous picture

While watching one can imagine, perhaps, seeing the world through the eyes of the artist, a mystery unravels, Rashaman style, imagining how others might have viewed and experienced this unique, remarkable artist.

Anonymous picture


Van Gogh's palettes shift,
come alive, mysterious;
art begetting art.

Anonymous picture

What a beautiful idea for a Van Gogh film. I thought it visually stunning. Interesting story line. Why not?