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Political Animals
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Political Animals
Pioneering Women Who Paved the Way for LGBT Equality

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

Stunning and provocative history of these fine pioneers of equality. Hope filled and inspiring.

Anonymous picture

The fierce self care and respect for others that was offered in this documentary, revealed what real leadership, humility and the power of love looks like in the world.TY to four fabulous women and the people who love them. Excellent!

Anonymous picture

A strong reminder not to take our freedom for granted, to acknowledge the brave people before us who have dedicated their lives (and risked them) to change the world for the better.

Dylan avatar

For those of us who take for granted the progress made in Women's Rights and LGBT Rights, this film is a much-needed reminder of a much different, and recent era, when highly offensive and ignorant rhetoric was the norm. Some of the best scenes are from the floor of the California Senate and ...Read more