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Stonewall Uprising
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Stonewall Uprising

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Comments (6)

Linda avatar

Good work. I did not know about the NYPD vs Same Sex Socialization; that the Gay Community did not want the liberties of marriage or raising children, and the trailers activities in the Meat District (giving a different sense to the term "meat [meet] market"). As for those chosen and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Millennials like Samantha and Alexander are adorable... You can't rewrite history to placate knee-jerk complaints. Did you pay attention to any of the segments in the documentary? If you had you would understand from the broader picture why the people interviewed were included. There were two ...Read more

Anonymous picture

To echo the sentiment of Samantha, this documentary is disappointing in that it focuses primarily on the experiences of white persons involved in Stonewall. In doing so, it somewhat erases from history the first-hand experiences of women and men of color involved in gay life at the time, and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

PBS talks to white men about Stonewall (sigh)

Anonymous picture

Well done, PBS.

Minami avatar

I've been to Stonewall a couple times with a loose understanding of it's importance in the gay civil rights movement . Knowing this in-depth history will surely make my next visit more thoughtful and reflective.