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Super Size Me
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Super Size Me
The Fast-Food Industry in America

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

This documentary is well intended but dated. Since 2004, body shaming has stopped being cool and conversations around health are now about access/ equity and holistic perspectives. Also, speakers and camera footage in this documentary continually call out plus sized women rather than men.

Anonymous picture

Spurlock lies in this when he gives his history to his doctor. This is entertainment but the results are flawed.

Anonymous picture

His gf is a "vegan chef"...right.

Anonymous picture

Be mindful of this documentary, while the information presented has some truth rooted in it, Spurlock's work isn't entirely truthful. It certainly exaggerates many of its claims. Be sure to fact check when possible.

Anonymous picture

I like McDonalds, so I am looking forward to watching this documentary!

Lauren avatar

The first documentary I ever saw in the theater! This film is both entertaining and informative. Really interesting info about the fast food industry and nutrition. It will make you want to eat some kale!