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Whose Streets?
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Whose Streets?
An Unflinching Look at the Ferguson Uprising

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Great film, vital piece of history.

Anonymous picture

I have a radical idea. How about instead of just complaining from the sidelines in a state of perpetual outrage, you get elected and bring change about from within. You know, using the tools of democracy that give you control and are in your hands right now?

Anonymous picture

you obviously didn't understand this film at all. please look up what structural and institutional racism means so that you can understand that it is not as easy as you think. change requires liberation by any means necessary, no government will ever create change from within.

Anonymous picture

it is on all of us to join in the collective struggle to make america the country we all want, with freedom and justice for all. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

Anonymous picture

A powerful reminder of what democracy looks like, Brittany, Tory and Russell are inspirations to activists everywhere.

Anonymous picture

I definitely agree. It's hard to not get out of your chair and roar with the emotion and energy of these incredible activists. A reminder of the collective power of engaged and informed people.